“The thing about brains – ” he coughs out.

“Stop talking, Barton,” says Phil, who has enough to focus on already and doesn’t need Clint’s waxing philosophical on him.

“ – the thing about brains,” Clint continues as if he hasn’t spoken (and this, at least, is not at all out of the ordinary), “is that they have – they have this, like, kill switch, right – ”

He coughs again; this time there’s blood, but at this point that hardly matters anymore.

“I thought I told you to stop talking,” Phil says mildly, not making eye contact because he’s too focused on what his hands are (ineffectively) doing.

“Like, if you’re bleeding – ” he says like it’s a hypothetical, like the evidence isn’t spreading across the front of Phil’s (new) shirt, like it isn’t staining the ground around them and sticking Phil’s fingers to each other and colouring the pavement sickly crimson-copper tones – “then it’s like you don’t have – personal problems any more, you know?  Brain’s got – priorities.”

“Apparently, not yours.”

“No, I – ”

He breaks off with a gasp as Phil does something he can’t see, and then there’s more blood (how much more does he have to lose, anyway? there can’t be that much left in him) that spatters across Phil’s wrists until he manages to pull off his tie (out of bandages, how can they be out of bandages, this is the Avengers they’re talking about, did no one packing the first-aid kits remember how much time they spend bleeding out onto the street?) and use it as a tourniquet.

“I think that’s all of them.”

“See, I don’t need to – prioritize.  You do it – for me.”

“Barton, save your goddamn breath.”

“Priorities,” is all Clint says; it comes out raw and hoarse, and then he’s wrenching himself up off the ground (blood, all over Phil’s hands, jesus fuck, how can he still be bleeding) and one shaking hand is caught in Phil’s collar and Clint is almost pressing their lips together, except that his strength runs out before he gets there and it’s just a huff of breath across Phil’s skin before Clint falls back to the pavement and Phil’s barely fast enough to catch him before his head hits.

“… thing about brains…” he breathes out, and there are heavy footfalls behind Phil, people running, med techs finally on-site, he can let go, hand Clint over to them, go back to things that are actually in his job description, things that he knows how to handle, because God knows, Clint is not something Phil will ever know how to handle.

But first.

There are other people’s hands on Clint now, fresh bandages that aren’t soaked through and struggling to hold the torn shreds of him together, someone’s trying to loosen Clint’s arm from where it’s locked around Phil so that they can start fluid resuscitation, but first.

Phil leans forward, fingertips brushing Clint’s jaw to tilt his head up so that they can make eye contact, and it occurs to him that Clint has finally stopped talking.

“Priorities, Barton,” he says, and lets their lips touch gently for a moment.


Debriefing at a diner


Debriefing at a diner



by shell

Rating: Mature

Phil’s like the fletching on Clint’s arrows—without him, he’ll tumble to the ground.

Fandom/pairing: Avengers 2012, Clint/Coulson
Why read: This is the second part in a series (trust me, the first part is worth reading and isn’t too long) and it’s a fix-it for the film that I really enjoyed. Some lovely Clint and I really enjoyed the supportive Steve as well.


You’re in luck, anon!  Here’s another submission from two excellent contributors:

"Bicycle made for two"

Author: sirona
Rating: E

Author’s Summary: Pretending to be Phil Coulson’s husband, when all you want in the world is not to have to pretend, is the single worst experience of Clint’s life.

Submitters’ Notes:
- “Clint and Phil end up married in Vegas. They continue with their sham marriage until they both admit that they want it for real.”
- “Sirona does my favorite pining!Clint.”

submitted by seekanewerworld and thestreetballet


Author: luthien82
Rating: E

Author’s Summary: Clint and Phil and a lazy morning in bed together.  I think you can all do the math.

Notes: Go elsewhere for plot.  Go here for porn.  With bonus fluff.  Yup.


(*^3^)(´ε` )♡ 


(*^3^)(´ε` )♡ 

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Clint/Coulson Recs - Angsty fics


Angst all around. Do not read if you want a hepi endo. Also, please heed the warnings in each fic.

1 ) A True Love Story by AnonEMouse

Clint and Coulson love each other. Then the Avengers happen.

2 ) Letting You Go is the Worst Part of this Job  by AnonEMouse

They might love each other, but they only know how to hurt each other.

3 ) Leave by Chatona

Clint wants Coulson. It’s mutual, until it’s not, because Clint doesn’t do relationships. 

4 ) Life in E Minor by barelyjoyous

Phil stays dead and Clint finds out some unpleasant truths.

Note: Warning for implied infidelity and deception.

5 ) The Only Lie Told is the Hardest Truth to Bear by AnonEMouse

Phil never tells Clint. Definitely NOT a fix-it.

6 ) My Girlfriend, Who Lives in Portland by Fabrega

So, everybody knows about Coulson’s cellist in Portland. Do they?


leonaesperanza asked: I absolutely adore Sidney Sussex's Mindset series. A while ago, I found another fic on AO3 that was written by someone else, but it followed the Mindset canon, that Clint has OCD. Some sort of supernatural darkness threatens Coulson, but Clint is there to save him, reciting a poem that the fortune teller at the circus taught him. It was supposed to be a bit of a crossover with something else, but I didn't recognize the crossover 'verse. I can't remember the title or author now. Can anyone help?

Sure can!  Here’s the story you’re thinking of:


Author: gqgqqt
Rating: T

Author’s Summary: Gaudior: Latin, “more joyful”, that joy in existence, without which…
Phil Coulson has always thought that some force in universe never liked him very much. But he always meant it in more of a metaphorical, cosmic sense. He didn’t expect it to actually attack.
Especially not today, of all days.

And here’s the original series, for anyone who’s wondering:


Author: Sidney Sussex
Rating: T

Series Summary: Clint has OCD. They work with it. After all, this is the Avengers; everyone’s got quirks.


its-a-thai-restaurant asked: Hey! So, love this blog to pieces. I think, like, yesterday, you posted the fake boyfriend fic, and I was wondering if you had more fake boyfriend or fake married or have to pretend to be together for a mission type fics or things like that. That'd be awesome if you do, thanks!

This one is pretty classic:

"The Lovely Couple"

Author: celli
Rating: T

Author’s Summary: "I’m sure we’ll make a lovely couple," Clint said, and forced a smile.  "Honey."

If you know of more, please let us know via ask or submit and we’ll make sure they go up on the blog!


AHarry Potter-themed rec series from an anonymous contributor (thank you)!  Those of you who were looking for crossover fic might enjoy these:

- A Breath from You to Me by haipollai -
Clint is a professional Quidditch player, whilst Phil is the Transfigurations professor in Hogwarts.

- A Solitary Magic by Saucery (WIP) - 
The Avengers go to Hogwarts. Note: Only the second chapter is Coulson and Clint. Phil is the Head Boy from Ravenclaw. Clint is the Gryffindor Prefect, and he wants to set up an archery club.

- Aerie by sabinelagrande
Phil and Clint are both in Ravenclaw. People think Clint is in the wrong house. Meanwhile, he hides in high places.

submitted by anon